Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Welcome and Peace!


I never thought I would do such a thing as Blog! But here I am! I have created this page to encourage, inspire, support,  relate and connect to you! Who am I you ask ? I am a 13 year old teen mom. I am a 26 yo divorcee  with three small children in a new state! I am a Registered Nurse with 19 years under her belt who aspires to leave corporate healthcare and begin the journey to holistic and herbal healing and home births! I am a  daughter who lost her father in 2008. I am an aunt who lost her 15 Yo nephew to cancer 9 months after burying  her father! I am a woman who is developing her feminine power and teaching her daughters to do the same! I am a loving sister and friend who is here to offer my story to you to help you along your journey! I am and have been all these things so just light your candles, light an incense, and  sit back with your coffee or tea and feel the vibe. Laugh, cry, respond, give advice, ask questions or just ponder!

Thanks for stopping by!
Peace and Love

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