Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Are you Classy?

 As I approach my birthday, I always think back on the previous year and evaluate my progress. Did I do any growing Spiritually, Financially, Healthfully? With my answers I do not put myself down for unrealized goals I just revise my list and keep it moving!

 Why put yourself down when there are more than enough people in the world to do that for you? Not to say I don't have doubts or never come to a crossroad or two in my life. I just listen, wait, pray, talk to my friends , family and of course ancestors till the answer comes. Then.... I ACT! I move, I take an active roll in where my life will go! Yes, I have gone down a road only to be turned back to try again! That is life! It is all a school of sorts. The difference is, YOU have to find the lesson in it! All of the people you meet in life are teachers, situations you go through, and choices you make have a lesson attached. You learn your lesson and move up to the next level or... you repeat! It's your choice!

 So what lessons will today hold? What lessons are you in the middle of ? Which lessons have you passed? Which ones are giving you trouble? Which people are what teachers in your life?

Class is in..... Don't get left behind!


  1. Thanks for the post...I needed my morning dose of inspiration and food for thought. :-) Peace

  2. Glad to be some inspiration! Please join the site so you don't miss anything!