Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rain Rain go away... No WAY!

I am just so grateful for the cleansing of this thunderstorm the day Before my birthday!

I love the rain esp thunderstorms! I either get a charge of energy or I power down for dream time! Either way the rain is a cleansing. It washes away bad feelings, sadness, anger, aggression, and just about any other bad feeling that is just hanging in  the air! It wipes the slate clean, and clears the way for a new start! It also nurtures the seeds sewn in positivity! 

 Today ...  I powered down. I want to calm myself and be settled for the next wave of bounty, good will, prosperity and love I feel coming my way! I do not want to miss a thing! I was excited and welcomed the rain today!

So next time the rain comes get excited! Release the hurt, pain, anger, anxiety, fear or any energy that has been blocking your way! Let the down pour wash it away (literally or figuratively your choice)!  Soak up the power of the storm or snuggle up and receive your dreams, and when the sky clears... so will your path!

Peace and Love!

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