Monday, November 14, 2011

Starting fresh


This weekend was about new possibilities and affirmations of prospering in, life , love, spirit, finance etc! I took a deep drink of the powerful full moon on 11-11-11 in the midst of family and friends. We rejoiced in the oneness of all and acknowledged  and honored our Ancestors, Elders, women, children and men! There was a feeling of connection to the to the universe that made you know that all  you ask has already been given ... you just have to accept it freely and never doubt!  I am still vibrating on that energy and do not intend on letting it go!
                                                            The Full Moon of 11-11-11

I am refreshed and renewed! I have a caught my breath and am ready to receive the bounty that my carefully sewn  karmic seeds have blossomed into!

How did you spend this power filled weekend? I hope it was a wonderful for you as it was for me!
Peace and love!

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