Thursday, November 10, 2011

Something Lovin...

Morning everyone!

I woke up this morning in the mood........ to Bake!

It's cool outside, the leaves are falling, it's a bit cloudy... perfect day to get some baking in! I love to bake and my sweetie made it much easier getting me this BHG standing mixer! I was set on a KitchenAid but he didn't know the difference bless his heart and I have no complaints! 

 Anyhoo, I made 2 7UP cakes last week and they came out soo yummy I will make a few more and start making my sweet potato pies! I may even throw a sour cream pound cake in the mix! Oh yeah I am on the jazz! I have to make a few cause when I bake I have to send my Mom at least 2 pies and she will get a 7UP cake too! I also have to send a Bday cake to Hubby's Grandfather for his birthday! I baked him one a few years back and he said it was one of the best cakes he ever tasted! I was soo proud cause he is OLD School and knows what a good cake is!

 Baking and cooking are passions of mine as you will see! I love the food network but I tend to shy away from the competitive cooking shows cause it cheapens the art and disrespecrts the ritual of cooking! An angry,stressed, scared, or pissed off cook will put those emotions in their food and I don't think anyone would want to have that served to them! I love the feeling of making people feel good with good food! I sing and put love and healing into everything I make! Even when I make dishes I don't eat! I got it from my MOM. Anytime she was cooking she sang, took her time, was thoughtful and infused love into her food! She even made a chicken she was washing "dance" for us once! This is why  I know there is a transfer of energy directly from me to the food I make so it is a ritual I take VERY seriously!

Have I inspired you to to pull out those cake pans or just a knife and fork? LOL but seriously, just take the time to think good thoughts, sing  your favorite song, or just smile when you prepare any food... it goes a long way!
Well the butter is softened.... got to go!
                                                                 Cakes in the oven
                                                    7up cake #4! For granddad!

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