Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me!

WOW I am 40 today!

 I thank the creator for allowing me to get here! I thank my ancestors for their continual support and guidance and I thank my Mother for providing me my first GREAT Ceremony.... Birth! You all arranged where I was born, how I was born,  when I was born and to whom I was born ! You all set the stage for the being I am and am striving to become!  For this I am thankful and eternally grateful!

So what do I do with this gift?  How can I be a better person? Who's life can I touch and make a difference in? What mark will I leave that is positive and will last long after I have had my last GREAT ceremony?

I work continually toward and I look forward to the wisdom in the answer to these questions. It is getting clearer. To be continued...

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